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And we begin again 

So this blog has been pretty dead (like my uterus HAHA) for the past 3 months. Well to tell the truth, I just needed the time to recover, both spiritually and physically. 

So what happened after the ‘Incident’?

1) I wallowed in self-pity for a bit and dragged myself about in a daze before deciding to just snap out of it. I felt so silly mourning over a 5-week embryo but in reality, I was mourning a 3-year old dream that never seems to materialise.

2) I then decided to make use of the ‘break’ to eat and drink whatever crap I wanted- desserts, cold drinks, fried snacks etc. you name it, I ate it. 
3) Of course, this resulted in me putting on an insane amount of weight -_- Also didn’t help that stopping the Progesterone support also causes one to put on weight. So it was just double whammy. Clothes were getting tighter and face was getting rounder. Comments from others were getting snarkier.  
4) I went back to SGH. As great as KKH was, there was no personal touch and this really showfaced during the 2 weeks when I was spotting as there was no one who took a genuine interest in my situation. Every time I went down, it was a different medical personnel and I had to explain my situation all over again. It was a huge organisation operating in an efficient- but impersonal – manner. However at SGH, It’s a much smaller unit which means everyone knows you and asks for u. When I went back for my first appointment itself, the nurse on duty recognised me and called me by name, expressing delight at seeing me again. For subsequent appointments, they would recall small details about me which made me feel more valued as a patient. So I’m back at SGH. 
5) I was made to do a glucose tolerance test again  (as the previous test results were borderline) and I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.  I will devote an entire blog post to this another time as it’s just too much to write here.
6) I have just started on my 2nd round of IVF. Today is Cycle Day 4 (CD4) and my 2nd day of Orgalutron jabs. SGH does things a little differently I guess, and started off with the inhibition jabs instead of the Puregon jabs which I will most probably begin on Monday (CD6) after another scan.
Well that’s what’s been happening for 3 months. Seems like a lifetime since my last cycle but was quite surprised that it’s just been 3 months. Embracing this cycle with open arms and hearts. xoxo