Like a blurred haze

It seems like the second time round goes by faster, or maybe it’s just me.

Yesterday (Thursday) was CD 16 and I had my Oocyte Retrieval. Although I had gone through one cycle before, doing it at a new clinic still brought on the nerves. Up till Tuesday, I was still unsure about when the procedure would take place but finally got the confirmed news when I went for my Nth scan on Tuesday.  

Unlike KKH, SGH does not have the habit of reading out the measurements of the follicles so I had to repeatedly ask the nurses about how big my eggs were and all I got were ‘Yeah not bad, growing quite well’ while they pointed to a bunch of ‘X’es plotted on the notes. I pretended to understand and nodded though I was clueless what the X represented.
Later I found out that the X’s were plotted similar to graph plots and my eggs were steadily growing as the gradient was steep enough although I still have no idea about the exact measurements. 

This time, I was given Lucrin to inject on Tues night as a trigger jab. By this time, it hurt to even just slightly prickly my skin with needles whereas the last cycle, I was pain-free almost throughout the cycle. I took it as good news that it meant my follicles were growing better this time round. 

Fast-forward to Thurs, the day started on a rush as we were told to reach the clinic 7 45am SHARP as Dr Yu was flying off for a trip at 9am – no stress. Unfortunately, it was raining that morning and together with typical peak hours traffic, countless detours and traffic lights later, we reached SGH at 7 55 and I was hyperventilating. 
I sent V off to produce his soldiers and rushed to park the car. Upon reaching the clinic, I was hurriedly ushered into the OT and quickly changed into the hospital gowns (though the nurse did a double take when she saw my nails) and I made my way to the OT feeling out of sorts. Luckily, Dr Yu was there and told me to calm down and the familiar faces of the CARE nurses helped me settle down a little. 

Before I knew it, I had a IV insertion on my wrist and was waiting for V. Yes, at SGH they allow your spouse to come into the OT with you, for which I’m so grateful – because he can spy on the procedure and tell me exactly what happened! hahaha

As the sedation liquid oozed through my blood vessels, that familiar woozy sensation kicked in and the last thing I remember was holding onto V’s hands as I slowly blacked out.

The next thing I knew, I was being wheeled into the recovery ward with my eyes struggling to keep open. As I drifted in and out of sleep, I vaguely remembered the nurses telling V to get his breakfast and to buy some medication. 

About an hour later, I was more or less awake enough to ask for the number of eggs retrieved. Bracing  myself for a single digit AGAIN  (recap : last cycle yielded 4 eggs), I muttered my prayers and heard the number…

YES! 23 eggs!! I was so shocked I just stared at V. I guess the extra growth factor injection, the diet, weight loss etc really helped. V was then telling me that during the procedure, when the Drs were counting the eggs, he heaved a sigh of relief when the numbers crossed 8 but became dumbfounded when the numbers kept increasing. hehe good to have a spy in the OT.

Soon, we made our way home  (after multiple warnings to avoid OHSS by ensuring I drank at least 2L of 100 plus a day) and I spent the rest of the day uneventfully in bed, gulping the 100plus down (goodbye diet…)

This morning, I finally got the long-awaited call from the embryologist. As my heart thundered outside the staff room (Yes I went back to work to clear my table to make way for the impending renovations), I was told that out of the 23 eggs retrieved, 13 were matured and 12 fertilised!

My heart jumped in joy! 12 fertilised!!! that’s a 600% increase from the 1st cycle! I was having low expectations all the way and this really hit the ball out of the park! Thank God and all my deities in heaven 😍😍😍

I was then told that my ET would take place on Sunday as my embies were under a special  (super expensive) culture called ‘Embryo Gen’ which would help to nourish the embryos with higher success rates and this only allowed for Day 3 transfers.

Although disappointed that I wouldn’t be transferring blastocysts and also that Dr Yu wouldn’t be doing the ET for me (she would only be back from her trip on Sunday night ), I tried to remain upbeat that everything happens for a reason. I’m sure Dr Hema is a competent Dr and I am leaving everything in Their hands.

For now, I am busy gathering books to read, getting recommendations for dramas to watch and finishing my work so I can live out my 2ww in peace:) 



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