2ww Distractions 

So the last time I wrote, I was a little psychotic and emotional and wailing. So i decided to try to snap out of it (not easy) and focus on getting time to pass by so I can get to the Beta test on Friday asap.

So I decided to focus on my Relax List and accomplished the following :

– completed the entire DOS series. I am now officially a fan and my dreams lately have consisted of hunky Korean men marching around pristine rocky landscapes. I NEVER thought I would be swooning over Korean men, let alone dreaming about them!! Happy Sigh.

– I couldn’t convince V to renovate the whole house (hurhur) but we did get a whole bunch of new plants to beautify our corridor and some greenery around the house too. We also finished up some long-overdue handywork that has been bugging me and I am so happy with the outcome. (for now)

– Watched a movie in the theatre (Now You See Me 2) which I enjoyed though I prefer the first one. (Isn’t this always the case for movies with sequels?!) 

– Almost finished my 4th book. WOOHOO! 

All these have helped the time while by a little faster though Friday could never come soon enough. I’m praying for more patience and resistance for the next 5 days before the B day. Next week may go by a little faster as I (sadly) have to get started on work. Sigh. Wish me luck! 


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