Relaxing with a vengence 

So it’s just 2 days after my transfer and I am already paranoid that I am not ‘using’ this precious break time as effectively as I should. V calls this ‘being high-strung’ but I prefer calling it ‘milking the cow for what it’s worth’.

You see, this 2-week of hospitalisation leave happens to coincide with my 2-weeks of protected time at work during the June school holidays. While this means I don’t have to worry about getting someone to cover my duties at work and missing out on work, it (sadly) also means my bi-annual chance of going on vacation and basically doing whatever I want, has flown out of the windows. 

Seeing all my colleagues and teacher friends posting about their exciting adventures in exotic lands on social media has been crippling as I absolutely love travelling (who doesn’t?!). So I told myself that instead of lamenting that I can’t travel, I will make full use of my HL to RELAX like I’ve never relaxed before.

So, before I started on my HL, I had planned to 

  • Get started on the crazy trend that is Descendants of the Sun by binge watching all episodes
  • Read AS MANY books as I can. I absolutely devour books with a relish.
  • Catch up on past seasons of my favourite TV shows (Jane the Virgin, Orange is the New Black, Scandal etc)
  • Sleep as much as I can 
  • Finish up my insane backlog of work like vetting testimonials and planning the first few weeks of lessons (I know this isn’t exactly relaxing but I would feel SO relaxed if this is done)

So far, I have done:

  • Read 3 books!!! YAY I am so so happy about this. My family and friends always tease me that I scan through books, not read them, due to my speed reading but I can’t help it! Reading is so so therapeutic.

That’s about it. I’ve also been watching an insane amount of HGTV. This may be a mistake as I am finding tiny flaws around my house like the paint is chipped at the corner or the TV console is collecting too much dust and so suggesting to V casually that it’s time for us to renovate the entire (4 year-old) house. 

Needless to say, V is not pleased about this. 

On a different note, physically I am doing so much better and just having on-and-off cramps, pulls and twinges. I am not trying to read too much into symptoms as I know the progesterone inserts can also cause the same symptoms. However, my paranoia has been leading me to some embarasssing Google search terms but I think all of us TTC are guilty of this. I know my 2ww during my IUI sessions were also similarly nerve-wrecking. 

So I have decided to relax with a vengence starting tomorrow. I am DETERMINED to enjoy this period of forced rest!


4 thoughts on “Relaxing with a vengence 

    1. oh the leave is a given here. So I have it whether I choose to utilise it or not. Also, I have some meetings towards the end of the month and the HL covers that period as well, so I don’t have to attend them 🙂


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