Oocyte Pick Up day or Egg Retrieval 

So since the last time I blogged, things have progressed some what. I went back for another scan 2 days later on Friday and (FINALLY!) was given the go-ahead for egg retrival on the following Monday.

WOOHOO!!! Finally, after alll those days of eating ridiculous egg whites, jabbing myself every morning and brewing red date tea, my perseverance paid off!

I was told to come back the next morning for a Progesterone blood test (which is supposed to aid with egg transfer) and again at night for the Ovulation trigger injection at the 24-hour O&G clinic. Meanwhile I was to finish up my last Puregon jab that day and continue with my Ugalutron jab the next morning.

I feel like a scientist just sprouting the names of all the medications.

ANYWAY I did as instructured (thankfully the Sat clinic visits went by uneventfully and the butt jab was suprisingly painless) and spent Sunday freaking out over if

– I’d have enough eggs to retrieve

– my blocked nose may cause me to never wake up from the sedation

– I should leave a will behind

– will V know my laptop password

– the house is in a mess and if people were coming over for my funeral, it would be so embarrassing!

basically I was going a bit psychotic.

Thankfully Monday came soon enough before I went fully berserk and we reached KKH at 9am as instructed. Waited for our queue number and at ard 9 20, after a quick briefing, V went off to produce his soldiers while I went to get prepped for the procedure. How romantic.

I was told to change into the hospital robes and proceeded to get the IV drip probe thing injected into my wrist. That was much more painful than all the daily jabs, probably cuz I have a skinny wrist and definitely-not-skinny tummy. Fats help. hurhur.

I was brought to the sterile white room and laid down, with my legs on the stirrups. As I stared into the white lights at the ceiling, I started muttering all the chants and hymns I could recall (recall my paranoia about dying from sedation) and it’s funny how much holier and spiritual we get in desperate times haha.

Soon Dr Sadhana came in and checked my personal details and the anesthesiologist started her job. Before I knew it, I was being woken up saying that the process was over and I was being wheeled to the recovery room. All that was running through my head was ‘How many eggs did they get?’ but all I was told was to rest.

So I did. I kept drifting in and out of sleep with some mild cramps. I say mild as my monthly cramps are usually equivalent to being murdered so this was quite alright. I remember the nurse coming to me and putting an oxygen mask on me and mentioning that I wasn’t breathing. (??) Now that I think of it, if I wasn’t breathing, wouldn’t I be dead? Oh well.

After more drifting off and up, a cup of milo and biscuits and an hour and 30 minutes, I was told to get changed. I was bleeding a little but was told it was normal. It was still a little sore and I was glad for the nurses’ help.

After that, I was sat down and told that the dr had retrieved 4 eggs. Initially I was disappointed but then I thought back to how anxious I was that I wouldn’t even get 2 eggs. I guess we always want more than what we already have. All I can hope for is that they get fertilised and become good growing embryos!

I was briefed on some post-procedural notes like no drinking, no exercising and driving etc and was told to wait for V to pick me up.

Then I was told to come back on Thursday for (hopefully) what would be D3 (Day 3) Embryo Transfer, IF (big fat IF) everything went well.

And that was it. I was a little hungry as I had to fast from 12 midnight last night. Luckily the annual Ramadan bazaar near our place had just opened and they always have yummy food so we headed over and got some Nasi Ambeng for lunch. YUMS!

I knocked out for 4 hours after that and woke up feeling much better though am still sore and contispated. Now it’s just a waiting game for Thursday to see the fate of my eggs.

Wish me luck!


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