Cycle Day 12 Stims Day 10 of IVF cycle 1

I am sitting here in the eternally-crowded waiting room of the KKH IVF clinic, waiting for my number to be called. I forgot to bring along my book and am bored of all the mindless games and social media stalking, so decided to pen down some thoughts while I can still remember the details…

IVF so far has been a roller coaster ride.

Injections (Stimulation)
I was dreading the injections but they are the least of my worries. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy and having a fat tummy helps to ease the pain I guess haha. either that or I have a very high pain threshold. However, the last 2 days jabs seem to be more painful than before. I’m guessing because the area is getting more sore and my ovaries are also bigger from the follicles.

The only problem I face is time as I start work at 7 20 and the jabs can only be done from 7 to 8am. So it’s basically a mad rush every morning.

Daily stimulation

CD 3-12 (as of now) : 175mg of Puregon (to induce growth of follicles)

CD 5-12 (as of now) : 225 mg of Orgalutron  (to prevent ovulation)



This on the other hand, I underestimated. Before embarking on IVF, I did some intensive research (ok, googling) and put together a list of things I should and should not be including in my diet. So to sum it up…

1. Caffeine (goodbye coffee and tea :(( )
2. Cold drinks and food
3. Acidic food

1. Plenty of egg whites
2. Red date tea
3. Folic acid
4. ‘Heaty’ food
5. Lots of warm water

Of course, this list is not exhaustive but I decided not to make life too difficult and stick to it. But boy, it hasn’t been easy.

Firstly, the Singapore weather is like putting myself into a burning furnace. AND I HAVE TO AVOID COLD DRINKS!!! This was the ultimate torture. Having to gulp down my desire for ice-cold sweet tea and order warm water when I eat out has slowly been killing me…but I will persevere!

Secondly, brewing of the red date tea takes time and having to rush to work in the morning after my jabs doesn’t give me time enough. Thankfully V is pretty sweet and prepares it for me in a nice thermos flask while I get ready in the morning. Awwwww. The tea itself is not too bad as I add some rock sugar ✌


Thirdly, can I just say I hate eating egg whites?!?
Before I started eating them with a vengence, I was an egg lover so I thought what’s the big deal?!
My mum’s colleague also recently underwent IVF and apparently she ate 4 egg whites every morning and evening.
THAT IS 8 EGG WHITES A DAY!! of course, being the kanchiong cautious person I am, I decided to follow suit.

The first few days were not so bad as I experimented with the various ways of eating them – fried, omlette, hard boiled and soft boiled.

My least favourite- hard boiled. I almost puked everything out as I tried to stuff it down my throat. YUCKS.

Easiest method would be soft boiled. You just add some pepper, hold your nose and gulp it down! V does this for me every morning and evening and sometimes, I don’t know what I did to deserve him 😍😍😍

Tastiest would be scrambled but it takes some time to cook as well as eat so I normally only eat it this way if I’m not in a rush.

Avoiding caffeine is also sooo difficult especially when I have back to back lessons in a hot stuffy classroom with NO ICED WATER to cool me down. But i try to compensate with milo (for extreme situations only, as milo is not exactly the healthiest drink) or just snap at my students  (kidding…or am i?)

Support System

I think it is extremely important to have a good support system. I am blessed that I am (mostly) surrounded by wonderful beings.

My mum is my biggest cheerleader. Everyday she calls me and starts off her the conversation with ‘Have you ate the eggs??’ haha. though annoying at times, I don’t know what I would do without her. awww

My besties and sisters are also always checking up on me and keeping me in their prayers. Sometimes it may not be that easy for them to get what you’re going through but I appreciate that they try 🙂

Sometimes friends you thought are close friends will avoid you like the plague as they don’t know what to say. It’s okay as I don’t blame them. Just tell yourself that at least they’re not saying stupid things to irritate you haha. And some friends who I thought were the ‘hi-bye’ sort and only good for a wild night out were the ones who kept messaging me and asking me how I am doing. This put a smile on my face as I realised how I underestimated the qualiity of my friendships.

My work place has been so supportive as well!! I am so so grateful that both my big and small boss have been nothing but gracious with me. Of course, I did let them know that I wouldn’t be able to pre-empt in advance when I will have to go for my appointments and they have been okay with it, granted I finish up all my work on time. I do not ask for extension on deadlines etc as I already feel that I am inconveniencing a lot of people by frequently leaving school for appointments. Of course, my students are at the heart of all I do and I try my best to make sure they do not get affected.

My colleagues have been amazing as well! They tell me not to worry about work and willingly cover my duties when I am away. I had an important exam duty today but had to activate my reserve as I had to come in for my scan and he was so sweet about it. My co-form teacher has also been seeing more teachers for the parent-teacher meetings so I can run off for my scans. I really really appreciate all of these acts of kindness and it helps me to feel less stressed and concentrate on what matters. 🙂
So far, by God’s grace, my appointments have fallen on my not-so-busy days or post-exam periods. so YAY!

Last but not least, my husband has been my rock. From preparing meals to driving me around to being there for my jabs when he can choose to sleep in. Thank you. I have already written an entire blog post on husbands so am not going to repeat myself and sound like a broken recorder haha.

Of course I am fairly open about doing IVF as I would like to break the idea of  infertility being a taboo. I speak about it to whoever asks and share information willingly so I don’t have to hide much and worry about people finding out. However, if you’re not comfortable sharing as much as I do, just ensure you have some form of tight-knit support system to tide you through this period as it is really not easy.

I have finished drafting this insanely long post and I am still waiting. GOSH.


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