Cycle Day (CD) 9 of IVF

Yesterday, I went back to KKH for my second scan on CD9. I was both excited and terrified as I tried go second guess everything and filled up my mind with all the ‘what if’s.

After experiencing the eagerness of other IVF mummies, I aimed to reach KKH at 7 40am and this time, I was 12th in queue! woohoo! Waiting seemed to be lesser today and I was quickly called for my scan around 8 40am. (yes that is considered quick okay).

The thing about doing scans are that they’re not done by your doctors. The sonographers merely read out random numbers and you wonder what they mean. From what I could decipher, I had more than 8 eggs each side of my Ovary but the biggest follicle was at 9.5 and smallest at 5. I know the optimal size for egg retrieval is around 15-20 so obviously I was worried. Is this normal for CD9?

After the scan, the wait to see the doctor was exceptionally long. My number was skipped and I felt so restless. Finally around 1015, my number was called and I went into the doctor’s office.

‘Sorry we took so long. We had to consult Dr Sadhana so it took us some time’ an unknown doctor started.

I was a little disappointed as I thought i would be seeing Dr Sadhana herself but hey, at least she looked at my results.

So apparently I have a lot of eggs but they’re all pretty small. So i would need to continue with the Puregon and Orgalutron jabs for another 3 days and come back on Monday for another review. She also mentioned Dr Sadhana didn’t want to increase the dosage as I have high risk of OHSS due to my high number of eggs.

sigh i hate this feeling of not knowing what I can do. I am already eating an obscene amount of egg whites, avoiding anything cold and trying to eat as healthy as possible.

So for now all I can do is to down more eggs, jab myself and hope for the best. I am so worried my eggs won’t grow big enough.

Sigh. let’s hope for better news on Monday!


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