Embarking on the IVF journey

So I officially started my IVF cycle exactly a week ago but it feels like forever (so cliché, I know).

After our second failed IUI, we moved to KKH at the end of March 2016 and was told that my slot was in May. I had to wait till I got my May period and call the hospital immediately to set up my appointment.

Before that, both V and I had to attend the IVF counselling sessions during when we were told exactly what we need to expect  (financially, physically and mentally). It was basically a lot of ‘don’t get your hopes too high for this obscenely expensive procedure’ which was kinda depressing but in reality i was really kinda excited!

I sat there with 2 other couples (awkwardddd)  in the small meeting room and took notes like as if I was studying for an exam (with V rolling his eyes). After paying the bill (😣😣😣) and going for our blood tests, we were told to come back once my period came.

At first I was abit worried that my period would come earlier in April and that I could only get started with the cycle much later as I don’t have regular 28-day cycles. So i prayed and prayed that my April period would be delayed till beginning of May. I must have done something right as it DID get delayed…but to the point that it didn’t even come when May arrived!! By now I was freaking out and wondering if I was going to miss the May window entirely!!

My close friends and family who knew about my situation helpfully suggested that I may be pregnant  😑.  Here’s a tip guys – don’t ever tell a woman who’s been  trying to conceive for ages that hey, maybe you’re pregnant and don’t know??

Trust me. we know. we pee on sticks even if our period is delayed for 5 minutes. we know the difference between a missed period due to pregnancy and a missed period due to bloody hormones. It didn’t help that I was putting on weight and quite bloated. It got so bad that people just assumed I was pregnant and started telling others  -_-

Anywayyyyyyyy I called up KKH and explained the situation. They told me to come down and collect a prescription for a pill to induce my period but that would take 10-12 days too. With no other choice, I took it.

I also went to a TCM dr who prescribed me herbs to drink three times a day. It’s bloody disgusting but I just gulped it down, telling myself it would all be worth it.

I was quite down after my TCM visit as he kept frowning and saying ‘why never come earlier…i could have prepared you better’ and ‘you’re very stressed’ (duh) and ‘just don’t get too excited about this’.

HUH. Seriously was that a hint that this cycle was going to fail?!? He sent me off with a ‘good luck but be prepared for bad news’ look and I half wondered if I should postpone my cycle.

Of course, I knew postponing would not make sense as with the delayed period and all, my 2-week HL would sit nicely during my June holidays and that was the best option as I wouldn’t need to worry about getting someone to cover me at work or unnecessary questions from my kaypoh (nosey) students and colleagues.

So I went ahead. Ate the herbs. bought some red dates and red raspberry tea. Counted down to my period. Finally on day 12 from when I first took the pill, it came.

I tell you, I have NEVER been that excited to see my period before. I literally jumped in joy (in the staff toilet) and messaged V in caps “I GOT IT. I GOT MY PERIOD”.

haha even my close circle of friends who knew I was waiting for my period were so excited for me, it felt like I won the fertility lottery (yeah right).

On day 2 of my cycle, I went to KKH for ny first scan. I thought I was being smart by coming in at 7 45 am when scans only begin at 8 am. But. This is Singapore, land of kiasuism and I had underestimated my comrades. The waiting room was half full and my queue number was – disappointingly – not even the first ten. I messaged V, mentioning that I would need to queue overnight to get an early queue number.

He seriously considered it. 😐

It was bloody nerve-wrecking. I had to go for a scan with my full period and it was UNCOMFORTABLE to say the least.

Then it was another waiting game. Luckily I am the Queen of hospital waits and had brought along a book to occupy my time. Even then, I would get restless but with a fully-charged mobile phone, it was not too bad.

Soon the nurse called me over and said my lining was 3mm and I had many small follicles.

erm okay? (I didn’t even know if I shd smile. What if it was some horrible thing to have and I was looking like an idiot?)

It was good. phew. They’re looking at linings below 7mm and no large follicles. I could get started on my injections the next day! YAY! So happy to pierce myself.

This IVF has got me happy for the weirdest things.

So off I went to the pharmacy to collect the meds and another waiting game to learn how to poke myself without killing myself.

The lesson was quite interesting. I almost poked myself with an empty unsterilised syringe  as I thought I was supposed to practice piercing my own skin.

Nope. apparently you practice piercing a cylindrical sponge like thing. oooh..

Then I got too excited and pierced the sponge before the nurse said go. I swear the look she gave me was the same as the look I give the most irritating of my students. Sigh. Now I know how they feel.

So after alot of exxasperated sighs (from the nurse) and apologies (from me), I got the hang of it and went home with my jabs wrapped in a plastic bag containing ice packs. So unglamorous i tell you.

I was then sent home with a pack of folic acid tablets to eat everyday and daily jabs to begin the next day.

Exciting times.


2 thoughts on “Embarking on the IVF journey

  1. your friend’s comments remind me of some I’ve had over the years. there was one particular friend who was really excited for me to get pregnant and if I ever commented about any symptom at all she would immediately start saying I could be pregnant which drove me mad. For instance I even said once that I think I might need to get glasses as my eye sight seems to be getting worse and she told me that during pregnancy your vision can get weird. Urgh. And another time i met friends for lunch and didn’t drink and they started telling each other afterwards I must be pregnant.


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